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    My Top 5 Makeup Tips & Tricks


    This is a collaboration with That Blogger Jade! She has also shared her top 5 makeup tips and tricks. Check out our makeup tips and tricks and up your makeup game like a total boss.

     1. Perfect your cupid’s bow by drawing an X.

    I am all about having a super defined cupids bow. Start by drawing an X on your cupids bow  as a guideline with your lip liner. This trick will help you get a defined shape with just one extra step at the beginning of applying your liner. After drawing an X follow the natural line of your upper lip down from the peaks of your cupid’s bow to the corner of your mouth. I line my bottom lip starting in the middle and joining each side to the corner. This tip will slightly exaggerate the shape of your lips, adding a little extra pout.

     2. Brighten the inner corner of your eye with highlighter.

    This tip is a game changer. I have been doing this for the longest time, even before highlighters were a staple part of a makeup routine. I used to highlight my inner corner with a white shimmer eye shadow. Now the highlighter possibilities are endless and there are so many amazing shades, YAY! Popping a little highlighter in your inner corner brightens the whole eye. Highlight on fleek.

    3. Apply blush on your cheeks AND eyelids.

    I like to apply blush on my cheeks and also on my eyelids. Sweeping a little blush on your eyelids as well as your cheeks is a great way to tie your makeup look together. You can keep it natural and use blush over the entire lid or create a dramatic eye look with blush in the socket and a contrasting colour on the lid. I learnt this tip from celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta. Everyone from, Bella Hadid to Chrissy Teigen are wearing this makeup look lately, so naturally, so am I. This tip also works with bronzer instead of blush. Try this tip next time you are applying your blush and you will love it.

    4. Contour your hairline.

    Contouring is all the rage, but it is also a makeup trend that is hard to execute. I usually stay away from the structured cream contour that is all over Instagram. Instead I like to create a natural contour with a light bronzer. I sweep bronzer along my jaw line, cheek bones AND my hairline. YEP, you did read that right. Contouring your hairline frames your face and adds depth. This tip is a lot less intimidating than the harsh lines traditional contouring can create. You can also simply buff the bronzer with a clean makeup brush if you add too much. This also works with a darker powder instead of a bronzer.

    5. Bathe yourself with a facial spray.

    I am obsessed with Mario Badescu facial spray. This tip hydrates your skin, leaving you with a flawless base. When I apply my make up base it looks a little something like this – spray, moisturise, spray, prime, spray, foundation, spray, conceal, spray, powder, spray. You get the gist? While you don’t have to go OTT like I do, it is a great way to keep your makeup looking fresh and glowing. I recommend to spray before you start your base and after your powder. The last step in my makeup routine is to use a makeup setting spray also, this ensures your makeup doesn’t budge and stays all day.


    I hope you find my top 5 makeup tips and tricks useful and would love to hear from you if you introduce them into your makeup routine. What are your top makeup tips and tricks?

    Check out That Blogger Jade’s top 5 makeup tips and tricks.

    BWL xo



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