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June 2017


    Ex & Oh – Minimalist Jewellery


    XO, Kiss(es) Hug(s), Ex Oh – Acronym, abbreviation or slang. It all means the one thing though, LOVE.

    Love is all around. Sometimes it may be hard to see, but its there. Look closely.

    I love you like XO
    You love me like XO
    You kill me boy XO
    You love me like XO
    All that I see


    When love can’t be seen, don’t despair. You can always feel it.

    You know I said it’s true
    I can feel the love
    Can you feel it too
    I can feel it ah-ah
    I can feel it ah-ah


    All pieces can be purchased from Minimalist Jewellery

    Tan is Sunescape – Instant wash off


    DISCLAIMER – Gratis products for consideration only. Belle With Love reviews are honest and of opinion only and should not be taken professionally

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