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July 2017


Review – Furless Cosmetics, Couture Base Essentials Kit 

This kit is armed with four brushes that are designed to create a perfect makeup base. Each brush is shaped to target specific features on your face which allows you to apply your base not only flawlessly, but with ease. Who doesn’t love shortcuts?…


Overcoming my fear of mixed metals 

If my outfit doesn’t match, I literally cannot deal. The shoes, bag and accessories all have to be coordinated. The thought of wearing my yellow gold engagement ring and a sterling silver bracelet together used to be my worst nightmare. I would cringe at the…


Living Life In Colour – The Little Things Design 

  Meet Lisa, graphics designer by day and self confessed Netflix addict by night. Lover of pizza, a glass of Moscato and a classic pair of black boots. I second that sister. She is also the artist behind The Little Things Design. Lisa creates…


I heart YBMC – Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am obsessed and totally loving Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics right now. I currently have an online shopping cart of goodies that totals to $1300, on the YBMC website that I keep scrolling and day dreaming about. The reality is that I can’t…


Tutorial – Opallac Gel Polish Manicure

I absolutely LOVE having a beautiful manicure, I need my nails to be perfect ALL THE TIME.  If my nails are chipped, not buffed or shaped correctly, I literally cannot deal. Seriously, I can’t function if my manicure is not perfect. Does anyone else have…


Review – HOLA – Seaweed Moisturising

Every time I use the Hola Seaweed Moisturising products, I sing The Little Mermaid – Under The Sea in my head. I will insert the lyrics below, for those who want to sing along with me at home. HA! The packaging had me drawn in…