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August 2018


    Blow dry – How to make your salon style last days


    I’m the girl who either washes her hair every day, or my hair is 80% dry shampoo in a messy bun. When I get a blow dry at the salon, I like to stretch the style out as long as possible.

    I struggle making a style last as I have fine and thin hair, so I decided to help a sista out and share how I make my blow dry last.


    Silk pillow case – Silk magnolia *

    You HAVE to sleep on a silk pillow case, not only is it luxurious but amazing for your hair and skin. Silk magnolia has a beautiful range of colours, I have one in tea rose. Using a silk pillow case is the number one factor in making my blow dry last longer. If I don’t, I wake up looking like Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of SATC – cute, but not so cute on me.

    Silk scrunchie – Silk magnolia

    Scrunchies are a thing. I saw Bella Hadid wearing a scrunchie, so they are definitely a thing. Get on it babes. I am a little obsessed with silk scrunchies because they don’t leave a kink in my hair like regular hair ties do. My tip is to only tie up your hair when you are working out to ensure the blow dry style stays gorg.

    Shower cap – Kmart

    Wear a shower cap whilst in the shower so your style doesn’t get wet and so the humidity doesn’t get those lovely locks of yours all frizzy.

    Dry shampoo – Batiste

    Second to wine, dry shampoo is a girls best friend. I have an oily roots phobia and I literally can’t function if my hair is oily. Yes, that does sound super obnoxious, but it is the truth. My fave dry shampoo to refresh my hair in between washes is Batiste because the broad range of fragrances are amazing and the product works the best for my hair. Tip: Stock up when Priceline have a sale and always keep a couple of bottles in your vanity.

    Hair oil/serum

    Use an oil or a serum for the ends of your hair to tame frizz . I have been using the John Frieda frizz serum recently, but I think any oil like Moroccan oil or Argan oil can be used to smooth ends and refresh your blow dry.

    Supersonic hair dryer – Dyson *

    I don’t like to touch my hair too much or using heating tools to restyle my blow dry as I find it stunts the longevity. Towards the final days before washing, the only heating intervention I use is my supersonic hair dryer to smooth the curls into a straight style. I love that the Dyson blow drys my hair straight with brushing and I don’t need to use a hair straightener. The Dyson also adds shine to my hair.

    Hair brush – Dessata *

    I always brush my hair using my Dessata detangling hair brush. I have a discount code and review for you babes, check it out.


    DAY 1

    After sleeping on my silk pillow case my hair is still smooth from my blow dry the day before and the curls are now pretty loose waves. I absolutely love my hair the day after a salon style because I can still smell the Mr Smith products that were used.



    DAY 2

    Messy beach waves vibes. I sprayed a little dry shampoo on my roots, not because it was oily but because I was paranoid it would get oily throughout the day and I would have a breakdown. Please tell me you can relate?


    DAY 3

    I trained at the gym the night prior to this and tied my hair up with a silk scrunchie, I also sprayed some dry shampoo to remove any oil because I worked my butt off and got my sweat on. I also brushed the waves out a little more to achieve a smooth style.

    DAY 4

    So, on day 4 I was ready to spritz every strand of hair with dry shampoo and tie it in a bun, but for the sake of this hair diary I decided to make the blow dry last one more day. I used my Dyson supersonic hair dryer to freshen up my hair and style it straight as well as the addition of more dry shampoo on the roots and a serum to add shine to the ends.

    DAY 4

    I was super impressed to see the difference between the before and after on day 4 and I was super happy to stretch my blow dry out one more day before washing.


    DAY 4


    The morning of day 5 I woke up with a fuzzy mop as my silk pillow case was in the wash. I am confident that if I had of slept on my silk pillow case I could have gone a week without washing my hair. How long have you gone without washing your hair ? I would love to know your tips to make your blow dry last for days.


    BWL XO

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