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March 2019


    The Magic of Magnesium


    To say that 2019 to date has been a whirlwind is an understatement. From work to fitness training, my social life and not to mention planning a wedding, it has been a very chaotic start to the year. With the fear of crashing and burning, I decided to introduce magnesium into my life due to it’s numerous health benefits.

    Magnesium supplementation can assist in the aid and relief of:

    Muscular injuries, aches and pains

    Cramping and restless legs

    Insomnia and poor sleep quality

    Headaches and migraines

    Joint pain and arthritic pain

    Healthy bone density

    PMT-related cramps and tensions

    Mild skin irritations and inflammation

    Stress and nervous tension

    Energy production and mood regulation

    Amazing oils have a range of natural magnesium products that from $21.95 – $27.50. I love that they are locally sourced and manufactured. You can purchase the Amazing Oils Magnesium products that I mention at

    Although the positive impact of introducing magnesium into my life is not technically magic, the benefits have been quite magical. I’ve noticed my recovery and muscle soreness after training has reduced and it has assisted the quality of my sleep.

    In the evening before bed I apply the Relief Spray* to my legs and arms to aid any aches and pains that I have as a result of my training at Minc Fitness. When I have a spare moment I enjoy a nice warm bath with a handful of Bath Flakes*. Not only is it relaxing but it allows full body absorption into my muscles.

    Taking in the breath taking view at Pyramid Rock

    Whilst enjoying my mini-moon with my Husband, OH MY GOSH – I will never get sick of saying that! I used the Relief Gel Roll* On daily. I wanted to ensure that our time away was relaxing and knew that the sleep quality and stress relief benefits of magnesium oil would be heavenly.

    And heavenly it was.

    Toasting to what has already been a magical 2019

    *PR Sample

    BWL XO

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