A Guide To A Good Nights Sleep 


There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Am I right?!  

If you love nothing more than putting on your PJ’s and catching Z’s, like I do, you are welcome.  

I have written up a little guide on how I achieve a good night’s sleep. Snoring, pillow dribbling and all. 

Enjoy sleepy heads. 


There is nothing more soothing than an essential oil. The smell of lavender, rose and patchouli instantly makes my eyelids close. My go to pillow spray is the This Works – Deep Pillow Spray, which I purchased from Mecca. I also love to keep a This Works – Deep Sleep Breathe In roller oil on my bedside table. The smell gives me a sense of calm which helps me wind down before I go to sleep. 

Image: This Works


Sleep tea is AMAZING. I don’t even care that I sound a lot older than I am raving about sleep tea because it is so damn good. Love Tea – Sleep helps to support a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep cycle. I also enjoy the taste and its locally made. 


I cannot go to sleep if I have dry lips, so before I turn off my lamp, I apply lip balm. I have been using the Clean & Pure – Peppermint Lip Balm* recently and it is refreshing and nourishing on my lips. I also have my Pure Papaya Care – Vapour Balm* handy in the colder months as it clears, warms and soothes, which all aid a good night sleep.  

Image: Clean & Pure

Silk Pillow Case. 

Not only are silk pillow cases so incredibly luxe, they also have a number of health benefits. Silk pillow cases help prevent your skin creasing and causing wrinkles, hell yeah. The silk also stops your hair from becoming frizzy overnight, which helps your blow dry and styling last longer. My Silk Magnolia Pillow Case* is like sleeping on a cloud.  



The hands down most important factor to achieving a good night’s sleep. I am one of those people that puts their head on their pillow and the thoughts come flooding in. I go through to do lists, second guess every decision I’ve ever made and over think situations. I know I am not the only one, am I right? My mind just runs wild and I cannot sleep. My first tip is to keep a notebook beside your bed, write down what’s on your mind and address the notes in the morning. My other tip is the Smiling Mind App – also referred, to by me as the best app ever invented. Smiling Mind helps me practice mindfulness and get to sleep through meditation.  

Image: Smiling Mind


I find that when I apply a face mask, I feel really relaxed. Perhaps because it makes me feel like I’m at a day spa. Sonia Orts – Radiance Mask* is a purifying and healing mask that works with the natural rhythm of your skin, which is like the moon, renews itself every 28 days. Its quartz and rose petal contents are very soothing to my skin and soul. I have also recently fell in love with Space Masks – Interstellar Relaxation*. You place the mask over your eyes and it warms and releases tension. They are the perfect bad day treat and would be amazing on a long flight. The whole concept of a warming eye mask sounds alien, but they are actually out of this world, amazing. See what I did there?!  

Image: Space Masks


Don’t go to bed without cleansing your skin, and don’t you even think about going to bed with your make up on. There is something so refreshing about washing your face before bed. I love the Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Cleanser* paired with the Philosophy – Renewed Hope in a Jar Night*. I particularly love the nourishing night creams hydration and the mantra ‘ live with optimism, renew with hope’. It is a pleasant reminder before bed time.

Image: Philosophy


Peter Alexander. I don’t need to elaborate. 


I am a hippy at heart. I always have been and always will be. Every night I sleep with a piece of Howlite underneath my pillow that I purchased from an amazing local store called Our Satellite Hearts. Howlite is an antidote to insomnia caused by and overactive mind.  


Sweet Dreams, BWL xo 

*DISCLAIMER – Gratis products for consideration only. Belle With Love reviews are honest and of opinion only and should not be taken professionally 





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