Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, WINE is. 


Wine does a whole lot more for you than diamonds can. Wine makes you a better singer, dancer and throughout a night out, makes you look better in the bathroom mirrors. Diamonds are nowhere to be seen when you have boy dramas and let’s be honest, you can’t cry into a glass of diamonds. Diamonds don’t taste good with pizza and you can’t share a laugh with friends over a glass of diamonds. Wine will never judge you and is always there when you need it. Do I need to go on? No, I didn’t think so. Cheers to that.

Enbacci – Grape Stem Cell Skin Care*

Wine is our BFF, we are consuming it both internally and externally. A unique skincare range ‘Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3 Step System’ is developed by Enbacci, that uses grape stem cell technology. I am really enjoying this skincare, the products are moisturising, nourishing and smell simply divine.You are probably thinking ‘What benefits do grapes have on the skin?’-I am glad you asked. Grape stem cells reduce the appearance of ageing. Grapes can be made into wine and skincare to reduce wrinkles, AMEN.

Opallac – Shiraz As*

Because, why wouldn’t you want to drink a glass of shiraz with a matching manicure.  

BYS Wine Lipstick 

It happens to all of us, you dive into a couple of glasses of merlot and before you know it, there it is. RED WINE MOUTH! But hey, we aren’t armatures, we know our way around a bottle or two. Avoid red wine mouth by applying a wine coloured lippy. If you are not keen on the upkeep of a bold lip, blot the lippy on your lips, to add a stain and apply balm.  

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine 

A group that supports boss ladies and their drinking habits.  

Bligh St Candle Co – Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruit Scented Candle*

Is there anything better than popping a champagne bottle? The answer is – No. A freshly popped bottle of bubbles not only tastes divine, but the smell brings a sense of excitement. Savy champagne enthusiasts can bask in that joy in their home in the form of a scented candle. YES please, I’ll have 50! 

Minimalist Jewellery – Boho Earrings – Wine  

Well, we all know I like to match.  

Willow Bay Australia – Day Dreamer Tote – Wine  

The perfect vino fix for when day drinking isn’t acceptable. Horror! You know, like doing the groceries and running errands.  

BYS Champagne Rain Lipstick 

Sparkle baby, be your extra glamorous self and pass me the bubbles. 

Tribe 6ft 

A monthly wine subscription. Run, don’t walk. 

BWL xo 

DISCLAIMER – Gratis products for consideration only. Belle With Love reviews are honest and of opinion only and should not be taken professionally.

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