• Lifestyle

    Overcoming my fear of mixed metals 

    If my outfit doesn’t match, I literally cannot deal. The shoes, bag and accessories all have to be coordinated. The thought of wearing my yellow gold engagement ring and a sterling silver bracelet together used…

  • Beauty

    I heart YBMC – Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I am obsessed and totally loving Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics right now. I currently have an online shopping cart of goodies that totals to $1300, on the YBMC website that I keep scrolling…

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    Tutorial – Opallac Gel Polish Manicure

    I absolutely LOVE having a beautiful manicure, I need my nails to be perfect ALL THE TIME.  If my nails are chipped, not buffed or shaped correctly, I literally cannot deal. Seriously, I can’t function…

  • Beauty

    Review – HOLA – Seaweed Moisturising

    Every time I use the Hola Seaweed Moisturising products, I sing The Little Mermaid – Under The Sea in my head. I will insert the lyrics below, for those who want to sing along…

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    Ex & Oh – Minimalist Jewellery

    XO, Kiss(es) Hug(s), Ex Oh – Acronym, abbreviation or slang. It all means the one thing though, LOVE. Love is all around. Sometimes it may be hard to see, but its there. Look closely.…

  • Beauty

    Review – McArthur Skincare 

    McArthur Skincare products contain pawpaw extract as their feature ingredient. Pawpaw has high levels of vitamin A,C and E, antioxidants and enzymes. The McArthur Skincare range is natural and free of petrochemicals, sulphates and parabens, which is a…

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    Minimalist Jewellery – Mystery Box 

    I am so indecisive. I struggle to choose an item from a menu, always ask for a second opinion, can constantly be heard saying “I don’t mind, you choose” and change my mind at the…

  • Beauty

    TMF, Vegan Lips – Kate    

      The Makeup Factory believes that our beauty routine should give back to our skin, whilst we are looking our best. TMF certainly achieves their goal as their products are sustainable, earth friendly and chemical…