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Every time I use the Hola Seaweed Moisturising products, I sing The Little Mermaid – Under The Sea in my head. I will insert the lyrics below, for those who want to sing along with me at home. HA! The packaging had me drawn in straight away. Teal, pastel blue and wood grain. Do I need to say anymore? I enjoy that these products do exactly what they state, they simply moisturise. Whilst trialing the HOLA products I continued my daily skin care routine. Only because there is no cosmeceutical ingredients to target my acne. The range is so incredibly moisturising and would be perfect for the summer time and vacation, or in the winter time and you want to pretend you are sunkissed from being at the beach all day. All products in the range have an ocean scent, and I’m not talking seaweed. I’m talking fresh beach air on a sunny day. HOLA upholds the philosophy  that the most simple and effective ingredients, brings you the most natural and healthy skin care. HOLA is created with the concept of using time-proven traditional recipe for naturally healthy looking skin.

Seaweed Moisturising eye gel 20g $22.00

A nourishing eye gel, containing complex composition of botanical ingredients and Seaweed Extract, helps moisturise and smooth dry skin around the eye area, leaving eye are revitalised and supple. Can be used as an eye mask to provide intensive hydration to tired skin and relax eye area.  Recommended for use at night and store in the refrigerator.

I have loved using this eye gel in conjunction with my evening skin care routine. It is super hydrating and refreshing. I think that it makes my under eye less puffy when I wake up.

Seaweed Moisturising make up remover 120ml $23.00

A light make-up remover, enriched with Seaweed Extract, to effectively and gently dissolve facial cosmetics and remove impurities without irritating skin.  Skin will feel hydrated and clean after use. 

I popped the make up remover into the shower and used it as a cream cleanser, before I wet my face. I found that it does remove my make up well, but need to use an oil based eye makeup remover really clear my raccoon eyes.

Seaweed Moisturising mask 120g $33.00

A very cool hydrating gel mask that helps to cool down skin after long exposure to strong sunlight. Enriched with Seaweed Extract, it delivers adequate moisturisation to soften and smooth dry skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and looking radiant. Suitable for regular use at night. Recommended to store in the refrigerator. 

As directed, this mask is currently chilling on the top shelf of my fridge. I am yet to use this mask, but am sure it will be my pale skin’s BFF in the summer time. I will keep you posted!

Seaweed Moisturising toner 150ml $25.00

A refreshing and purifying toner that relaxes the skin with its calming scent of the ocean.  Developed with nourishing Seaweed Extract to hydrate, refresh and smooth skin while balancing the pH level of the skin and prepares the skin to better absorb moisturiser. 

The toner is my favourite product from the Hola Seaweed range. After cleansing, I apply it to my face using a cotton pad. The toner removes any excess dirt and make up which leaves my skin super clean. I really like the smell and how it feels on my skin.

Seaweed Moisturising essence 30ml $36.00

A pre-moisturiser, this essence contains high concentration of Seaweed Extract and nourishing ingredients to deeply hydrate skin to reduce wrinkles and minimise pore size. Use regularly, it leaves skin looking smooth, firm and radiant. 

I am such a sucker for packaging. I love this dropper applicator. I expected the essence to be runny like a serum, but it actually has a gel consistency. As it states it is extremely hydrating.

The Hola Seaweed Moisturising range can be purchased at Glamourflage.

BWL xo

DISCLAIMER – Gratis products for consideration only. Belle With Love reviews are honest and of opinion only and should not be taken professionally.

Oh, and as promised – Under the sea lyrics:

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else’s lake

You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake

Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor

Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you looking for

Under the sea, under the sea
Darlin’ it’s better
Down where it’s wetter,
Take it from me

Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away

While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea

Down here all the fish are happy
As off through the waves they roll

The fish on the land ain’t happy
They’re sad ’cause they’re in a bowl

But fish in the bowl is lucky
They’re in for a worser fate

One day when the boss gets hungry
Guess whos goin’ be on the plate (uh-oh)

Under the sea, under the sea
Nobody beats us
Fry us and eat us in fricasee

We what the land folks love to cook
Under the sea we off the hook

We got no troubles life is the bubbles

Under the sea, under the sea
Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here naturally

Even the strugeon an’ the ray
They get the urge an’ start to play

We got the spirit
You got to hear it under the sea

The newt play the flute
The carp play the harp
The plaice play the bass
And they’re soundin sharp.
The bass play the brass
The chub play the tub
The fluke is the duke of soul

They ray he can play
He lings on the strings
The trout rockin’ out
The blackfish she sings
The smelt and the sprat
They know where it’s at
An’ Oh. That blowfish blow

Under the sea (under the sea)
Under the sea (under the sea)

When the sardine
Begin the beguine it’s music to me

What do they got, a lot of sand
We got a hot crustacean band

Each little clam here
Know how to jam here under the sea

Each little slug here
Cutin’ a rug here under the sea

Each little snail here
Know how to wail here
That’s why it’s hotter under the water
Ya’ we in luck here
Down in the muck here under the sea




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