Thankyou – Life Changing Skin Care, Literally.  


Full disclosure: I AM OBSESSED WITH THANKYOU! I have been using Thankyou products for around 6 months. I was also recently sent gratis Thank you products for review, which I was thrilled. I will continue to boast about not only the incredible products but the fantastic approach that Thankyou has to changing poverty and how you can change the world by simply purchasing Thankyou products.

Thankyou was co- founded by Daniel Flynn in 2008 in response to the World Water Crisis. The Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year, yet over 900 million people didn’t have access to safe drinking water. Take a moment and process that, especially given that we have safe drinking water straight from the tap. Isn’t that mind blowing? Daniel Flynn launched a line of bottled water, in Melbourne, that funded overseas water projects. In 2013 the company rebranded as Thankyou and introduced food and body care ranges. 5500 outlets in Australia now stock Thankyou products, with 100% of profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world. I personally think that the holistic approach to changing poverty is incredible.

To date, Thankyou has funded programs for 545,360 people around the world in collaboration with project partners such as Unicef and Oxfam. I particularly love this due to my history and knowledge gained whilst volunteering with Oxfam in the past. I also love that customers can keep up to date with progress via Track Your Impact. Customers can enter their product barcode into the tracker on Thankyou’s website. I love that it shows the customer how your purchase directly helps poverty and produces a detailed project report. I highly recommend tracking the Thankyou products that you have at home, it is a great feeling to know that your purchase is helping people in need. YOU GO THANKYOU! I am the biggest fan of your amazing work, Oh and your amazing products.

Thankyou products are also not tested on animals, TICK, made in Australia, TICK and vegan friendly, TICK. The products have a no frills-esque mixed with luxury look about them. That sounds crazy, but it makes sense in my head and I hope it does in yours too. Filled with innovative goodness, the cutting edge eco-responsible formulations are good for you and good for the world.


Botanical Geranium & Rosewood Hand Cream

This hand cream is so luxe. I absolutely love the way the cocoa and shea butter cream feels like silk on my skin. It smells like beautiful roses and musk, which are some of my favourite smells. It is incredibly hydrating and continues to keep my skin soft, long after it is absorbed. There is also something about the packaging of the hand cream that I love. Again it’s that no frills branding that is so contemporary and popular at the moment. Is it weird that I am so obsessed with the packaging?! It is so visually satisfying to me! I keep it on my desk at work, and I have noticed my colleagues have been sneaking around and using it when I am away from my desk, I don’t blame them. It is that amazing.

Botanical Geranium & Rosewood Coffee Body Scrub

Hello smooth, soft skin! This coffee scrub contains cold pressed macadamia oil which leaves my skin glowing. Together with coffee grounds, this scrub hydrates my skin and I smell delicious. I especially love the fine grounds of coffee that work to exfoliate and polish away dry skin gently. I have been deterred from coffee scrubs in the past, as I found the grounds were top large and scratched the skin instead of buffing it. After applying the body scrub all over and washing it away in the shower, my skin is invigorated and squeaky clean. I highly recommend this coffee scrub to any body scrub lovers out there. It is also comes in a convenient waterproof jar unlike a lot of scrubs on the market that come in a sleeve.

Botanical Geranium & Rose Wood Body Wash

I have been using this body wash for around 6 months and I will continue to use it FOREVER! I love it, my fiance loves it and you will love it too. I love to use a body wash that leaves my skin feeling cleansed and smells divine, and this my friends is both. Everyday, when I shower and use the body wash, I feel like I have visited a day spa. The blend of natural oils, botanical extracts and the fresh fragrances of earthy geranium and rosewood leaves my skin feeling amazing and super squeaky clean. I know, I know, I am banging on about the packaging, but it does look lovely displayed in my shower niche.


Botanical Patchouli & Vanilla Hand Wash

Like the body wash, I have been using this hand wash for around 6 months. My favourite fragrance is patchouli, rose follows close after as well as coconut. When I saw a patchouli hand wash I was ecstatic and popped it in my supermarket trolley immediately. I love that there are no harsh detergents, yet it washes like a traditional hand wash does. So hey, no nasties, an amazing smell and cleans your hands? YES PLEASE, Thank you!

Botanical Patchouli & Vanilla Hand Lotion (Palm Oil Free)

After I have used the hand wash, I like to give my hands some love and apply this amazing plant based lotion. I love the lingering smell of patchouli. The lotion is very hydrating like the hand cream, but has a thicker consistency. It is so fresh and nourishing. Both the hand wash and hand lotion pump style bottles remind me a lot of the Aesop branding, yet they are a fraction of the cost and literally change the world.


I am proud to be a  Thankyou ambassador and you can become one too.

Thankyou products can be purchased online, and in supermarkets and pharmacies.

BWL xo

DISCLAIMER – Gratis products for consideration only. Belle With Love reviews are honest and of opinion only and should not be taken professionally.



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