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I absolutely LOVE having a beautiful manicure, I need my nails to be perfect ALL THE TIME.  If my nails are chipped, not buffed or shaped correctly, I literally cannot deal. Seriously, I can’t function if my manicure is not perfect. Does anyone else have a chipped nail polish phobia? Regular nail polish takes way too long to dry, and as soon as I think it is dry I bump a nail and it’s ruined. Visiting the nail salon on a fortnightly basis for shellac is OTT and is over my budget. Thank goodness for my Opallac gel polish manicure kit! I can DIY my gel manicure from home. It’s great because there is no dry time and no chips for up to 14 days. With practice my manicure is starting to look like I’ve visited the nail salon. The application is simple and quite easy , well easy when I am doing my left hand. To help you babes out I have completed a step by step tutorial of my at home Opallac gel polish manicure, ENJOY!

What you will need :

Opallac 7Watt UV LED lamp

Gel colour polish

Gel base coat

Gel top coat

2-in-1 shine and soak solution

Cotton pads

Nail file

Nail Buffer

-I recommend purchasing a starter kit as it will have all the items required. You can buy individual colour polishes to add to your collection also. There are so many amazing colours that I want to add to mine.

Pre Preperation

Shape and file your nails to the desired length and shape. I like my nails quite short and like to keep the shape rounded with a slightly straighter top.

Wash your hands

Buff your nail surface lightly. Make sure they your nails are kept clean from the step onwards, if needed, wash and buff again. Keeping your nails clean will ensure your polish sticks to your nail and lasts.

Opallac Application

I do one hand at a time, this ensures I complete all steps on one hand before changing to the other, it can get a little tricky so I recommend this for beginners.

Apply a thin layer of Opallac base coat to your nails. I mean THIN babes, if it runs onto your skin the polish will lift. This applies to all coats.

Cure for 90 seconds under the LED lamp. I use the timer on my iphone to ensure I cure for the correct time.

Apply 1st  thin coat of polish colour. I have chosen to use Cosmolicious for the tutorial, its such a bright fun pink.

Cure for 90 seconds under the LED lamp.

Apply 2nd thin coat of polish colour.

Cure for 90 seconds under the LED lamp.

Apply a thin coat of top coat to your nails.

Cure for 90 seconds under the LED lamp.

Remove the sticky residue from your nails by soaking a cotton pad in the 2-in-1 shine and soak and rubbing each nail for a few seconds.

Complete all steps above to your other hand, It may be a little tricky, but practice makes perfect.

Wash your hands.

Your Opallac Gel Polish manicure is complete!

YASSSS! No dry time, no smudges and no chips, just a beautiful DIY manicure.

I am loving my Opallac kit so much. It honestly looks like I have visited the nail salon. I cannot wait to add more colours to my collection. I will never have to worry about  chipped nail polish ever again!

You can purchase the Opallac Gel Polish Kit online or at Priceline.

DISCLAIMER – Gratis products for consideration only. Belle With Love reviews are honest and of opinion only and should not be taken professionally.

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