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SUP is a 100% Australian homegrown vitamin and supplement company that speaks my language. SUP has created simple & targeted supplements that differ from any other on the market. The no BS branding enables a better understanding of how the supplement will improve your health. The vitamin isle in the chemist completely overwhelms me, to the point where I have walked out with nothing and on the other end of the scale, a ridiculous number of vitamins that my body just does not need. SUP provide personal recommendations online through a health consultation. The less is more attitude enables the key ingredients and intention of the supplement to prevail and in turn make it easier for you to decide what your body needs.

A couple of the 13 SUP POP vitamins that I have been loving are TTOM & INNER GLOW COLLOGEN BOOST.

TTOM – That Time Of The Month

What? Your monthly pal for PMS (NO JOKE THIS WORKS MIRACLES)

Help relieve cramps and general PMS symptoms

Helps balance mood and physical discomfort

Helps unwanted fluid retention

Who? Women who experience negative PMS symptoms


What? Collagen boosting for glowy, firm skin

Maintain healthy skin and nails

Boost collagen production

Fight free radical damage to help reduce signs of aging

Who? Ladies who want to up their beauty game


I am also looking forward to adding the INNER GLOW COLLAGEN & GREENS #MIXSUP powder to my morning smoothie.


A couple of the 13 SUP POP vitamins I have my eye on are FIT & GUT LOVE.


FIT – Fuel Ignite Train

What? Burn fat and fuel your body for exercise performance

Increase fat burning

Increase energy levels

Increase focus

Who? People who want to get more out of their exercise and lose weight



What? Probiotic love bugs for overall health

Strengthen immunity and digestive system

Relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed IBS

Support a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria

Who? Anyone looking to improve their digestive health


Jump on and complete the online quiz to see WhatSUP.

BWL xo

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